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Braiken Map Large NPC Key

Braiken Castle NPCs

Luxy (Knight Armor Merchant) 152:249
Alice (Knight Weapon Merchant) 152:275
Ishtar (Exchange Center) 169:291
Victor (Argate Exchanger) 163:220
Avid 161:192
Beatrix (Segnale Armor Merchant) 187:183
Sabine (Savinne) (Segnale Weapon Merchant) 190:190
Stephan 193:252
Dean 192:258
Britten 207:375
Juschini 209:375
Naste (Warrior Armor Merchant) 224:125
Tatiana (Warrior Weapon Merchant) 217:125
Morte (Beggar) 246:149
Mondrey (Monette)(Guard) 239:149
Zarzamus 233:187
Berks (Fortress Captain, Return Master) 232:191
Easton (Royal Guard) 233:194
Duncan (Knight Skill Master) 231:200
Holde (Stashkeeper) 223:229
Jerome (Teleporter)(Braiken 2) 233:263
Blake (Guild Master) 227:288
Yauze (Magician Skill Master) 228:310
Siege Tunnel 151:328
Alley (Hunter Armor Merchant) 253:375
Bella (Hunter Weapon Merchant) 254:379
Tes (Fortress Voucher Supplier) 270:345
Luka 267:327
Germo 261:326
Axion (Blacksmith) 250:320
Carmen (Alchemist) 251:304
Leonhart (Siege Request) 250:290
Orpheus (Poet) 270:263
Embarco 255:215
Tanzawa 261:182
Clio 268:182
Merchant Dolke 287:224
Amie (Segnale Skill Master) 289:198
Makaio (Teleporter)(Braiken 1) 294:244
Ingrim (Summoner Skill Master) 295:277
Sinan (Exchanging Coupon) 307:298
Virakocha (Warrior Skill Master) 286:296
Rodbal (Fisher) 281:312
Jordan (Stashkeeper) 283:319
Tanesia (Hunter Skill Master) 303:318
Robert (Guard) 303:365
Bebero (Farmer) 314:345
Dorothy (Magician Armor Merchant) 288:146
Celestene (Magician Weapon Merchant) 284:142
Waldo (Guard) 344:206
Lucy (Aloken Weapon Merchant) 346:237
Tanya (Tasha) (Aloken Armor Merchant) 348:247
Maia (Aloken Skill Master) 367:242
Sandoval (Stable Keeper) 387:214
Nicole (Summoner Armor Merchant) 354:282
Daisy (Summoner Weapon Merchant) 347:309

Please note: There are some NPCs whose names are different on the map. I have listed both the real name and the name that shows on the map.

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